Is there a minimum age to take a full-time ELP course?

Yes. Anyone 17 years of age or older may enroll in our English Language Program courses.

Students aged 17

Even if you do not require a Study Permit to attend our program (if your studies last 6 months or less), English Language Program policy requires all students who are minors (aged under 18 in Ontario) to have a Custodian if they are traveling alone (without their parents or another adult escort or chaperone who will act ‘in loco parentis’). The Custodian must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and over 19 years old.

To arrange for someone to become your legal Custodian, you will need to complete a custodianship form.

This form must be:
• Notarized by your parents/legal guardians from your home country
• Notarized by your Canadian custodian
• Valid for the length of time that you’ll be living in Ontario under the age of 18

The completed custodianship form must be received by us before a Letter of Acceptance can be issued.

This documentation may also be required by a Canadian immigration officer. If you are aged between the age of 17 and 18, it is at the discretion of the immigration officer to require or waive the custodianship requirement.

For additional information about custodianship, please contact the Canadian visa office in your home country, or speak with a Citizenship and Immigration Canada representative.

The English Language Program does not provide custodianship services – you must find a custodian yourself. There are a number of organizations that offer custodianship services.

One of our homestay providers, Canada Homestay Network, can provide custodianship for students staying in their homestay accommodation.

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