How do I conduct the online early course evaluations?

You will receive an email with instructions one day before the evaluations should be conducted. Below are instructions for conducting the evaluations:

  • Allocate 10 minutes during class for students to complete the evaluation on their mobile devices. Please ask them to check their emails for a message from the School containing a link to their evaluation.
  • Remind students that if they are unable to complete the online survey during the class time allocated, they should complete it at home. The survey will remain open for 2 days.
  • Please do not conduct this evaluation during a class when there is a test. If there is a test scheduled during your class, please ask students to complete the evaluation at home.

If you are teaching an online or hybrid course, you do not need to take any action to initiate the early course evaluations. You will be notified when the evaluations are distributed to students.

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