How should I distribute course materials?

Any course materials that you would like to share with your students can be uploaded to your Quercus course site.  We encourage electronic distribution of course materials where possible.   Many of our students consider this a beneficial service because it is easy to access, simple to use and a one-stop shop for course materials and resources.  An added benefit for the School is that we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

If materials need to be printed, you can send a request for printing to your program administrator by filling out a Photocopy Request Form and attaching an electronic copy of what you need printed.  Your Program Administrator needs to receive this at least 10 days prior to course start (or the date you need the materials).  You will be notified when the materials are ready and can pick them up in person at our main administrative office located at 158 St. George Street.  A mailbox system has been installed for instructors on the first floor of this building which is accessible during regular School business hours.  Your material will be placed in your mailbox.  If you teach outside the Toronto area, we can arrange to have your materials sent directly to your preferred address.

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