How will I know where my classroom is?

Room bookings for courses, across all three campuses, are centralized in the Operations unit at the School of Continuing Studies.  Once a location is confirmed, you will receive an email informing you where your class is being held, including the building name, room number and building address.  Please bring this confirmation with you to each class in the event of a conflict. You can also login to your MyAccess account to view your course locations once they've been booked.

At times you may be issued more than one location for your course if we cannot find a single location that will suit throughout the duration of your course.  We try to avoid this whenever possible as we recognize that it can be inconvenient to yourself and your students, but stiff competition for diminishing space across all campuses may force this space solution.  We do strive to ensure that the space is appropriate for your needs, but if you experience difficulties we will work with you to find a better room.

If you are not familiar with your assigned course location, we urge you to come a few minutes early to your first class.  Note the location of the nearest washrooms, emergency exits, parking facilities and coffee shops.  Your students will appreciate this information.  Campus maps can be found online, here:

St. George Campus

University of Toronto Mississauga

University of Toronto Scarborough

Feel free to arrange the furniture to suit your teaching style.  We only ask that you put them back at the end of the class in the way that you found them.

If you have difficulties with the set-up or size of your room or your audio visual support, communicate this to your Program Administrator immediately.  Recognize that a resolution may not always be possible to put in place for the next class, particularly if they are minor in nature or are not communicated in enough time.

Temperature controls, particularly in seasonal transition periods, are very difficult to manage for U of T building facility staff.  To their credit, facility staff reacts very swiftly and do their best to make the U of T community as comfortable as possible.  Report any temperature problems as soon as possible, but be aware that we will not move the class unless the problem persists.



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