What is Curatr?

Curatr is a learning platform which gives instructors the tools to design, deliver & facilitate interactive social learning experiences. Several School of Continuing Studies courses are delivered on the Curatr learning platform. If your course uses Curatr, it will be noted on your Course Outline. Curatr is an online virtual interactive social learning environment. It is a web-based software which gives you and your instructor a shared learning space online to receive and exchange course content as well as to discuss course materials and exchange ideas and other resources.

If you’re enrolling in an in-class course, you will typically use Curatr to access course materials, assignments and assessments. Your instructor will  use it to post class announcements. If you’re enrolling in an online course, your Curatr course site will be the “virtual classroom” where you, your instructor and the other course participants will interact throughout the duration of the course. If you’re enrolling in a hybrid course, you will meet in-class for some sessions and will interact online on Curatr for others. You will receive a detailed schedule for your course and information about how Curatr will be used for all course formats (in-class, online and hybrid) in your Course Outline once you have enrolled.

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