What are the features of an in-class course?

The School of Continuing Studies in-class courses are delivered at one or all of our three campuses:  University of Toronto - St. George-Downtown, University of Toronto – Mississauga, or University of Toronto - Scarborough). Course start and end dates, class times and duration will be listed on the course webpage. After you have enrolled, you will receive detailed information about  your classroom location (address, building, room number, etc.). If the location has not been booked at the time of registration, we will send you an email once it is finalized. If you do not   know the location seven days before your class starts, please contact the School of Continuing Studies (SCS) at Email: learn@.utoronto.ca  or call 416-978-2400 for further information.

Your instructor will facilitate each in-class session with a mix of lectures, presentations,  discussions, and other related activities. Your instructor will provide you with  detailed course assessment information for all graded and ungraded course components. Your instructor will also provide detailed contact information in case you have any course-specific questions outside of allotted class hours.

Many in-class courses are  supported with an online-based course site hosted on the Learning Management Engine Quercus. Course sites contain course-specific information, such as learning resources, assessment details, online-based activities, discussions, etc.

Most in-class course sessions are between two to three hours in duration. However, SCS also offers  alternative course schedules, including full-day and half-day courses. In addition to the time you will spend in-class, you are expected to invest an additional one to three hours per week on course related activities outside of class time, such as reading, studying, assignments, project work, and/or exam preparation. For example, in a typical twelve-week course, you are expected to devote four to six hours per week on both in-class and out-of-class learning activities. If the course you are interested in is offered in multiple formats (in-class, online or hybrid) be assured that these formats utilize the same learning materials and will allow you to achieve the same learning outcomes.


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