Should I take an in-class course?

In-class courses provide you with a regular schedule of in-person sessions with your instructor and  fellow learners. Some learners find that the expectation to attend regular in-class sessions encourages stronger self-discipline to maintain regular studying schedules in keeping up with the weekly assigned study materials. Some learners also report that the in-class- social interactions allow for a meaningful and personable learning experience. To get the most of out of your in-class course experience, a helpful recommendation is to develop a weekly study schedule, so that you devote enough quality reading and studying time to be ready for your in-class sessions, but most of all, to ensure overall success in completing your course. Active learning is more effective and yields more success than passive learning. This means that you should attend your in-class sessions prepared and ready to engage and be engaged: ask questions, share ideas, and actively participate in all class activities.  The most valuable learning experience results when you actively engage with your fellow learners.

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