Should I take an in-class course?

In-class courses provide you with a regular schedule of in-person sessions with your instructor and a group of fellow learners. Some learners find that having to attend a regular in-class session gives them the added discipline to read course materials and prepare and study for course assignments and graded assessments. Some learners enjoy the in-person social dimension of the classroom experience and feel that they get more of a connection with the instructor and their peers. To get the most of out of your in-class course, it’s good to develop a habit of reading through the course materials if you can before you attend each session so that you can ask questions and clarify concepts while you’re in the classroom. Also, remember that an active learning experience is more effective than a passive learning experience so come to class prepared to ask questions, share ideas and participate in the discussions and activities during the session. The people in your class likely have similar career and/or personal interests as you do. Often some of the most valuable learning in a course can come from what you learn from listening to and talking with the other participants. Likewise, your personal and career experiences and insights may be very interesting and useful to other participants. 

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