What are the main similarities between in-class, online and hybrid courses?

All in-class, online and hybrid courses are instructor-led. Your instructor will guide you through the learning experience and help you achieve your personal and professional development goals for the course. The learning experience for each delivery format is structured. The curriculum for courses that are delivered in two or more of these delivery formats is always the same however there may be slight variations in the pacing or sequencing of the curriculum from session to session. Each delivery format provides a learning “space”.

For in-class courses the space is a physical classroom or lecture hall and in most cases an accompanying online course site. For online courses the course space is 100% virtual within the course site as well as during the live webinars. You can think of an online course as a private social network where you interact with content, other learners and your instructor for the duration of the course. All courses have one or more types of interaction giving you the opportunity to work with the course materials, apply concepts, receive feedback and prepare for the graded assessments.

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