How do I know this online or hybrid course is right for me?

You can read the descriptions of the three formats in the Help Centre and consider which format seems the most appealing. If you’re taking more than one course with the School, and if the options exist, you may want to try each type of learning experience over time to see for yourself which format you prefer. You are probably familiar with what in-class instructor-led learning is like so you can judge for yourself whether you enjoy that type of learning. If you’ve never taken an online course, here are some things to consider: 

Following are some common misperceptions about online courses:

  • An online course will be easier and take less time.
  • An online course will be self-paced; I can do it as quickly or slowly as I like.
  • I won't have to interact with classmates in an online course.
  • Online courses run themselves; the instructor doesn't have much to do or say.

Here are some things you can expect when you choose an online course:

  • Expect to spend a comparable total amount of time reading, studying and working on assignments, projects, presentations or preparing to take quizzes, tests and exams as the in-class version of the same course.
  • Expect to meet deadlines on course work, assignments, projects and/or exams, but also expect much more flexibility week-to-week as to when you actually do this course work.
  • Expect to interact with classmates via webinars, discussion boards and/or other collaborative tools. Many online courses have group projects where you interact with a small team remotely using either the collaboration tools provided in the course or using many of the free collaboration apps such a Skype.
  • Expect feedback and support from your instructor regarding course work, discussions, and other assignments within the time frame stated in the course syllabus.
  • Expect to learn new technologies as required by courses.
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