What is the difference between Livestream and Self-paced courses?

All online courses are delivered fully online. Learners never need to attend an in-class session.  Online courses are categorized by either a "Livestream" or "Self-paced" schedule type. 

"Livestream" indicates that students can expect core synchronous (real-time) activities such as webinars, where essential course information is presented by the instructor or learners via tools such as Blackboard Collaborate, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc... For students who cannot attend in real-time, webinars are recorded and available to be accessed later. If not available prior to the course start, webinar schedules will be announced by the instructor during the course.

"Self-paced" online courses do not include core synchronous activities; however students should expect regular instructor interaction and other interactive components such as discussion boards and group projects and assignments.  Learners may need to schedule synchronous meetings for group work, however those meetings are determined 100% by the learners.  While there is no real-time interaction, the course follows a schedule and students are expected to keep up with the modules and term work as scheduled.


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