I do not live in Canada. How do I write my final exam?

Students can write their final exam from anywhere in the world.  If you do not live in Canada, or will be out of the country on the scheduled exam date, we can make arrangements for you to write from your location.

For students writing proctored final exams outside of Canada, final exams are conducted online through an online proctoring service. The School of Continuing Studies partners with Examity® to offer this service.  Exams can be scheduled almost anywhere in the world as long as you meet the technical requirements.

Please note that Medical Partnership course exams need to be written in-person, with a proctor present. You may be asked for assistance to identify an appropriate proctor for your exam(s).  

There is a supplementary fee of $125CAD for students taking courses outside Canada and the U.S. if an in-person proctor is required.  Students may be asked to assist in locating a qualified proctor or institution in their city. The School will compensate selected proctors $90 CAD for their services. 

In-person exams are held in the morning and the afternoon. If you are taking two courses, your exams will be staggered – one after the other. If you are taking more than two, contact the School to make special arrangements. 

All the information can be found on the Exam Application Form available on your course Quercus site. 

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