Do I need to attend Live Webinars?

Live webinars are used by some instructors to facilitate online classes, presentations and discussion groups in a real time learning environment.  You’ll be able to interact directly with the instructor as well as hear from fellow learners. The School uses Blackboard Collaborate to host its live webinars.

Your instructor will provide you with instructions on how to access webinars as well as inform you of the dates and times of when they are scheduled.  When available, webinar schedules are also posted on the website prior to the course start.

Please consult the course section details and course outline to determine whether your course offers live webinars, and if attendance is optional or mandatory.

Webinars - Optional attendance (Synchronous/Live Attendance OR Recorded Viewing):  All webinars are designed to enhance the overall learning experience and you are strongly encouraged to either login to attend the webinars in-person/in real time and/or to view recordings of the webinars when your schedule permits. We will post the link to the recording the following day after the webinar. You will be able to send questions to the instructor about the webinars whether you attend in real time or view the recordings afterwards.

Webinars - Required attendance (Synchronous/Live Attendance Required):  You will be required to login and attend these webinars in real time on the date and at the time that they are scheduled. This is because core learning activities and/or assessments will take place during these webinars. 


If you participate during the live-stream webinar, there are three ways to do so. 

(1) Audio: If you have a headset or built-in microphone, you’ll be able to speak during the webinar. You simply click on the Talk/Microphone icon at the bottom centre of the screen. You will need speakers to be able to hear the instructor and other participants.  

(2) Video: If you have a webcam, you have the option of turning it on during the webinar so that if you choose to speak, your video feed will be visible to the other participants. You simply click on the video icon at the bottom centre of your screen. The video option, however, is separate from the audio function so you don’t have to make your webcam video feed available if/when you speak.

(3) Chat: If you don’t have a headset, built-in mic or webcam, there is a chat function in the webinar interface. You may post questions or comments and the instructor will acknowledge them and respond.

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