What if my required documents are not in English or French?

CES requires that translations be completed by a professional/qualified translator, but does not require them to be notarized.  Translations issued by appropriate university officials also are accepted.

Translations must be literal, word-for-word translations, in the same format as the original. An official translation must clearly identify the translator and bear their stamp or signature. Photocopies of original translations are accepted. CES accepts professional translations done outside of Canada. Remember to include complete copies of your documents in the original language along with translations.

If your documents are not already translated, you can contact the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario or check your local business directory (Yellow Pages, Canada411.ca). We do not endorse any particular translators or translation agencies. Remember to include color photocopies of your documents in the original language along with the translations. Photocopies of official translations are acceptable.

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