What do I use My Access-Instructor for?

The School has created the online My Access portal to help students, instructors and SCS staff manage key course administrative functions.   These functions can be accessed with your UTORid through My Access-Instructor. You can access My Access- Instructor via the School’s website (learn.utoronto.ca).

 Select :

 at the top right corner of the homepage.


 You should use My Access to:

  • track your courses
  • view room locations
  • print class lists and attendance sheets
  • send emails to learners
  • edit your personal information
  • access your timetables
  • update attendance records
  • submit final grades

Please ensure you can access My Access-Instructor before your first class. If you have any difficulty accessing or using it, please contact your program administrator. (Instructor Handbook section 1.2.1)

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