What should I do if I have to cancel a class due to an emergency?

Please do not cancel, miss, terminate, or shorten scheduled classes, except in unavoidable circumstances (e.g., illness). If you cancel a class, please give your program administrator as much notice as possible.  If a sudden emergency or illness arises, please contact the School at 416-978-2412 and speak with your program administrator so that we can contact your learners in a timely manner. You will be required to make up any classes (or parts thereof) that have been missed, without additional compensation.

It is the School’s policy to cancel classes only when entirely unavoidable (e.g., extreme weather conditions when U of T officially closes). If this happens, we will email or, if possible, telephone everyone who is enrolled in a cancelled class.

A make-up class should be arranged with the majority approval of your learners. Please notify your program administrator immediately once you have established an agreed-upon make-up date. The program office will then notify you of a confirmed location and the information will also be updated in your My Access account. (Instructor Handbook)

It is also a good idea to remind students to ensure that the School has their daytime contact information, in the event that we do need to contact them to cancel a class.  They can update their information online through their My Access - Student account, or by calling the School at 416-978-2400.

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