What should I do if I suspect a student has committed plagiarism?

As a School instructor, you must not knowingly approve work from learners that has been plagiarized, forged, altered, falsified, or otherwise obtained without authorization.   Plagiarism is considered a serious academic offence in violation of U of T’s Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, which the School follows closely.  You must, therefore, describe to your learners, in the first class, the types of academic offences and explain that any such offences are subject to disciplinary action.  

If you suspect a student has committed plagiarism, the student must be informed and invited to discuss the matter.  Once the discussion has taken place and you still believe an offence has been committed, or if the student fails to answer the invitation, please contact your Program Director for next steps.   If the decision is made to impose a sanction, this is communicated to the student in writing.  The following is SCS' standards:

      1st offence: Student is assigned a value of 0 for the applicable assignment/exam. 

      2nd offence: Student is given a failing grade for the course.

Please contact your Program Director for further guidance on any academic matters. (Instructor Handbook)

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