Can I get A/V for my classroom?

Yes.  All A/V, multimedia equipment and services must be requested at least 2-3 weeks prior to your course start.  Although the room may be equipped with A/V technology and equipment, you must submit the request in order for it to be accessible.  Please fill out the online form here to submit a request:

If you are teaching at the St. George campus and have ordered AV for your class, confirmations of the bookings will be emailed to you in PDF format.  These confirmations are issued by the U of T’s centralized room-booking department that the School works closely with to secure most of the classroom space at St. George.  These confirmations are important to have on hand if there is a room difficulty (conflict with another class, a locked door, etc.) or an AV complication (not delivered, faulty).  The room booking confirmation serves as proof that you have authorization to use this space, and the AV order confirmation provides direction for AV technicians.

Our booking agencies located at the UTM and UTSC campuses do not issue similar confirmations, and any issues that arise can be resolved without these supporting documents.  Thankfully there is a very low incidence of problems at these two campuses and any that we encounter are very quickly resolved.

(Instructor Handbook)

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