What is the School's protocol regarding recording lectures?

Whether instructors wish to record their lectures, or have their lectures recorded or not, is entirely at the discretion of the individual instructor.  A lecture is considered the intellectual property of the instructor, and copyright guidelines and regulations apply to the recording of lectures.  Furthermore, recording a lecture also requires the observation of privacy guidelines and regulations for students in the class whose presence or statements might also be recorded.

If a student wishes to tape-record, photograph, video-record or otherwise reproduce lecture presentations, course notes or other similar materials provided by instructors, he or she must obtain the instructor's written consent beforehand. Otherwise all such reproduction is an infringement of copyright and is prohibited. In the case of private use by students with disabilities, the instructor's consent will not be unreasonably withheld. Students with disabilities who request accommodation should contact Enrolment and Learner Services by submitting a request.

Consequently, the following considerations, guidelines, and policies apply to the audio and video recording of lectures:


Source: http://teaching.utoronto.ca/ed-tech/audio-video/

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