How can I arrange for learners to receive a letter of attendance?

Sometimes learners ask for formal letters of attendance.  These can be for personal reasons (e.g. as an official memento of the participation in a course) or professional (e.g. for an employer who requires it in addition to a transcript of grades).  Please ask those learners who want formal letters of attendance to identify themselves at the beginning of the course.  All learners who want a letter of attendance must sign an attendance sheet at the beginning of each class, as there is no way to gather this information once the course has ended.  Unless otherwise noted on the course outline, the minimum attendance requirement to be eligible for a letter of attendance is 80% of classes.   At the end of the course it is your responsibility to submit the signed sheet to the program office.  The School will then issue letters of attendance to the learners who requested and merited them.  You can download an attendance sheet template via My Access-Instructor. (Instructor Handbook)

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