Grade Appeals

Upon completion of a final exam or submission of a final assignment/project, instructors are not allowed to discuss grading results with students. If you have a question or wish to appeal your final grade, please contact the School directly.

Appeals are organized into two stages, clerical check of the final grade, and re-read of the final examination. The clerical check must be requested and answered before an application for a re-read may be submitted. 

All requests must be received within three months of the final examination/course completion period.

Appeals made by e-mail or telephone will not be accepted.

Term results such as course assignments or mid-term examinations will not be reconsidered. It is the sole responsibility of students to make certain that they receive marks for all submitted assignment(s) and term test(s) other than the final exam or final project or final course paper from their instructor and have all related questions answered before the course ends.

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