Important information for Proctored Exams - Online courses

Please consult your course outline to determine if your online course has a proctored exam. 

Students registered into an online course with a proctored exam must register their intent to write the final exam. To do so, please fill out and submit the Exam Application form by the posted deadline.  The form and deadline will be posted to your course Quercus site. A confirmation email with details for your exam date will be sent approximately two weeks prior to the scheduled exam. 

If you live within Canada, examinations are conducted in-person on a group basis by location, at proctored examination centres. Candidates must use already established centres and you may be requested to travel up to 30 km.  If you do not live within 30km of an established exam centre, you can apply to write your examination on line through our online proctoring service.  The exceptions are Medical Partnership exams, which all require an in-person proctor. 

In-person proctored exams are written on the final day of your course. 

If you live outside of Canada, examinations are conducted online and you will be requested to schedule your exam with Examity®, our online proctoring service partner. 

Online proctored exams are usually scheduled over the final weekend of your course. 

If you are required to write an in-person proctored exam overseas, there is a supplementary fee of $125CAD. Students may be asked to assist in locating a qualified proctor or institution in their city. The School will compensate selected proctors $90 CAD for their services. 

If you are unable to write your exam during the prescribed period, you can apply to write an alternate exam.



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