How do I pay for a course using a University of Toronto staff tuition waiver?

Eligible University of Toronto staff and faculty members may qualify for a staff tuition waiver.

To register for a course using a Tuition Waiver:

  1. Check with your Divisional Human Resources Office for eligibility criteria. The list of Divisional Human Resources Offices can be found on the Human Resources & Equity Contact page.
  2. If you qualify, complete the appropriate Tuition Waiver form and take it to your Divisional Human Resources Office for authorization. The full list of Tuition Waivers forms can be found on the Human Resources & Equity Forms page. Each form is specific to an employee group(s). If you are unsure which Waiver form is applicable, check with your Divisional Human Resources Office.

If your course(s) takes place during normal working hours, your department must indicate their approval by signing your Tuition Waiver form. Note that dependents of staff or faculty are not eligible for the Tuition Waiver benefit program.

  1. Submit your authorized waiver request form together with a completed General Registration Form. You can attach both your staff tuition waiver and SCS general registration form to a support request form as PDFs at the bottom of this page, or by fax to 416-978-6666.
  2. If your course fees exceed the maximum waiver amount, you are responsible for paying the difference in fees.
  3. You are also responsible for paying any applicable taxes or ancillary fees.
  4. Payment for the balance of fees must be submitted at the time of registration. 

For all of our registration options, please visit this Help Center article

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