My company is paying for my course, can they pay by invoice?

If your company has agreed to incur the cost of your course(s) at the School of Continuing Studies the recommended way to proceed is to register and pay with a company credit card or cheque. If your company is able to pay by this method, they can register you directly online with your assistance or you can mail a completed General Registration Form to us with the company cheque.

If your company cannot pay by either of these methods and requires an invoice, your company representative can contact us by submitting a request.  The request must include the following information along with a completed General Registration Form.

  1. Name of Employee
  2. Name of the person approving payment (e.g. supervisor, training rep), Position/Title and Company
  3. Course title/course code
  4. Course(s) fee
  5. Purchase Order number, if applicable.

The request is subject to approval.  If approved, the invoice will be due upon receipt.

For all of our registration options, please visit this Help Center article

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