How do I transfer from a course?

For a full explanation of our transfer deadlines, please visit our Policies and Guidelines page here:

Transfers may be permitted if a request is received prior to the listed deadline. A request may be made through the following methods:

  • Submitting a Request to Transfer from a Course form
  • Submitting an online request through My Access, your online student portal. If you choose this method, the request may only be submitted prior to the course start. You will receive an email confirmation of the transaction.

Transfer requests can only be processed provided the course to be transferred into is still open for registration and space is available. Course tuition fees may vary and are subject to change. Learners are responsible for providing payment for any course tuition fee balance required to complete their transfer. Refunds are subject to the withdrawal deadlines and guidelines of the currently enrolled course, unless otherwise specified by SCS in writing prior to course registration.

Transfers can only be granted once following the initial registration. Should learners wish to defer their registration a second time, they must first withdraw from their course, be issued a refund, and provide payment for the applicable course tuition fee to enroll.

The following actions do NOT constitute an official transfer:

  • Cancelling a cheque or credit card payment.
  • Failing to attend lectures.
  • Advising the instructor that you will no longer attend lectures or participate in online instruction.
  • Course transfers are not permitted after the noted deadlines.
  • Course transfers are also subject to the return, in original condition, of any course materials that may have been issued.

Late Transfer Request 

If you have extenuating circumstances and wish to request a transfer passed the deadline, please submit a Petition to Withdraw/Transfer Past Deadlines. Your request will be forwarded to a supervisor for consideration, and we will respond with a possible solution as soon as we are able. We may need to follow up to request specific information or documentation, such as a doctor’s note. 

Please send your appeal as soon as you are able to do so – the earlier your request comes, the easier it will be to provide a solution. 

Note: If your late transfer is approved, there may be a late withdrawal fee.

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