How do I withdraw from a course?

  1. Full tuition may be refunded if the School receives a written notice of withdrawal postmarked before the applicable deadline. Notice of withdrawal may also be submitted by submitting a request.
  2. You may also withdraw from a course and request a refund through your My Access student account.
  3. If you decide to withdraw through your My Access student account, you must send your request at least seven calendar days prior to the start of the course.
  4. Notice of withdrawal from a course is not acceptable by telephone.
  5. Cancelling a cheque or credit card payment, failing to attend lectures, or advising the instructor that you will no longer attend does not constitute an official withdrawal.
  6. No refund is granted after the noted refund deadlines.
  7. A refund is also subject to the return, in original condition, of any course materials that may have been issued.
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