University of Toronto TCard

A University of Toronto TCard is available to any individual who is taking a course with the School of Continuing Studies, for a cost of $20 CAD.  The TCard can be used to access all library resources and wifi on campus throughout the duration of your course. 

To obtain a TCard:

  • You must first submit a TCard Permission Letter Request, on (or after) the scheduled start date of your course.  TCards are not available prior to the start of your course.
  • Within two business days of your request, we will generate a TCard permission letter and email it to you.  This letter is verification that you are eligible to receive a TCard.  
  • To get your physical TCard, present this letter to one of the designated TCard offices at any of the three campuses, along with a piece of photo identification and the $20 fee. 
  • For TCard Office locations and hours, please visit their website

What can I use my TCard for? 

For all of our registration options, please visit this Help Center article

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