What is my SCS course textbook?

The University of Toronto Bookstore website will have a complete list of required textbooks based on course and section number, two week prior to the start of the class.

Textbooks and supplies are not included in the course fee and must be purchased separately. Required textbooks, course materials, general reference books, and various stationery and computer products are available at the U of T Bookstores. There is one location on each campus. To ensure that you have the most recent edition of a designated textbook, we advise that you purchase your textbooks and supplies no earlier than two weeks before the start of a course. 

You may place your textbook and course material orders online or by phone. For an additional fee, your order can be delivered to your doorstep.

How to order Textbooks

Click here for step by step instructions to order your textbook(s).  Please have your course(s) and section number(s) handy when you place your order.  

Note: Your textbooks will be available at the bookstore on the same campus where your course takes place. If you go to a bookstore on a different campus, they may not have your textbook(s) in stock. Your textbooks will typically be available two weeks before the start of term.


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