Are SCS courses eligible for OSAP or other financial assistance/scholarships/bursaries?

Select micro courses (which are short, compact learning solutions so you can develop in-demand competencies, fast) are now eligible for funding through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

If you are interested in earning a micro-credential (a digital representation of the set of competencies or skills that you achieve in a micro course), you can explore the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities website to view a list of OSAP eligible micro courses, and to learn more about the application process.  

For detailed instructions on how to apply, please visit the University Registrar Office's website under the heading 'How Do I Apply for an OSAP approved micro-credentials program?' section.

All other courses offered by the School of Continuing Studies are not eligible for OSAP funding. If you are in need of financial assistance, the division does offer several bursaries and awards. Please visit our Bursaries and Awards page for application information. Applications open shortly before the start of each term, and this page will be updated to provide the application form at that time.

For all of our registration options, please visit this Help Center article

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