How do online and hybrid courses work?

You need learning where and when it suits you, which is why we offer flexible, personalized learning plans. You can choose from in-class, online and hybrid (best of in-class and online) courses knowing that the same commitment to excellence in program content and expert instruction is consistent across all formats.

Online and Hybrid learning make use of a range of interactive audio-visual materials and activities, including audio-supported PowerPoint presentations, webinars, bulletin boards, threaded discussions with your colleagues and instructor, and opportunities to put your assignments and projects online. Your learning experience is enhanced by a wide range of audio-visual and Internet resources that make it easy for you to select the best learning support tools for your personal style of learning. Online courses may include core synchronous (real-time) activities, as well as interactive components that do not require real-time participation. 

In a hybrid course, some of your modules are delivered in a traditional physical classroom while other modules are delivered online. Typically the in-class sessions are scheduled at the beginning, middle and end of the semester. For example, you might attend the first one or two modules in a classroom and then study three or four modules online returning to a classroom session for a mid-term exam or assignment presentations. Then you would study online for several more weeks and return for the final one or two modules in the course. You might write a final exam or do a major group presentation in these final classroom weeks.

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