What is the Alumni Benefit discount?

Are you a recent University of Toronto graduate? Continue your education on us! 

Ready to keep learning?

The School of Continuing Studies offers more than 650 online and in-class creative writing, business and professional, language, and arts and science courses to fit your interests and schedule as you continue to pursue your love of learning. 

Ready to launch an exciting career?

Our business and professional courses can help you make sure the invaluable education you’ve received at the University of Toronto is paired with skills that are razor-sharp and industry-ready! 

If you have graduated (from an undergraduate or graduate degree program) within the past 24 months, you qualify for an alumni discount of $550 - $750 to use towards any one course at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.

Call 416-978-2400 to register with your alumni credit within 24 months of your June or November convocation date. This discount cannot be applied online or retroactively post registration. If you wish to transfer from one School of Continuing Studies course to another with this discount applied, you must make your transfer request within the applicable deadline and within 24 months of your convocation date.


Information required:

  1. Degree obtained
  2. Date of Convocation
  3. U of T Student number (9 digit number)

Please view our discount conditions.

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