What is the U of T Alumni Benefit ?

About the Alumni Benefit

The School of Continuing Studies offers more than 700 courses in a wide range of program areas to fit your interests, and schedule, as you continue to pursue your love of learning. We have recently made the Alumni Benefit more accessible by extending the timeframe in which the benefit can be used from two years after convocation, to five years*.  

Continue your lifelong learning today

If you have graduated from an undergraduate or graduate degree program in June 2018 or later*, you qualify for an alumni discount of $550 to use towards any one course** at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.

To register with your alumni credit, please call 416-978-2400*.

Information required:

  1. Degree obtained
  2. Date of Convocation
  3. U of T Student number (9 digit number)

Restrictions you need to know about

This discount cannot be applied online or retroactively post registration. If you wish to transfer from one School of Continuing Studies course to another with this discount applied, you must make your transfer request within the applicable deadline and within 24 months (2017 graduates) or 60 months (June 2018 and newer graduates) of your convocation date.

*This new, five-year parameter is in effect for those that have graduated in or after June 2018. Those that graduated in June or November 2017 have 24 months to register using their alumni credit and should call SCS at 416-978-2400 if they have questions.  

**Exclusions include examination preparation courses, English Language Program offerings, private instruction in languages, and the courses listed below:

  • 3648 DBT: The Basics (Foundational Training Part 1)
  • 3649 DBT: Beyond The Basics (Foundational Training Part 2)
  • 3650 DBT: Individual Therapy
  • 3651 DBT: Skills Training
  • 3652 DBT: Consultation Team
  • Courses offered in partnership with the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), as follows:
    • 3435 - Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) Admission Course

    • 3725 - Ontario Building Code Act and Building Permit Application Process

    • 3728 - Ontario Building Code Compliance Data: Concepts and Code Analysis

    • 3734 - Professional Responsibility, Ethics, and Membership in a Self-Regulating Profession

    • 3729 - Legal Aspects: Professional Liability & Architects’ Contracts

    • 3724 - Construction Act

    • 3726 - Bid Theory and Bid Practice

    • 3721 - Construction Contract Administration and General Review

    • 3727 - Planning and Development Approvals

If you enrol in a course that is less than the benefit amount, the remaining dollar value is forfeited.  

This offer has no cash value.

For all of our registration options, please visit this Help Center article

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