What is a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and how do I apply?

Advanced standing or course exemption may be granted to those whose prior experience or formal learning demonstrates that course material has been covered.

Learners are only eligible to apply for a PLA if:

  • They are completing a certificate and the course they want to be exempted is a requirement for the certificate. Standalone courses will not be considered. 
  • The certificate has courses eligible for a PLA.

How do I know if a certificate has courses eligible for a PLA?

Listed under the "Certificate Requirements" on the right side of the certificate page stating whether any courses are eligible for a PLA consideration, and if so, which one(s). Please note that not all certificate are eligible for PLAs.

If your PLA is approved, please note that the substituted course will not appear on your Official Academic Transcript. 

To apply for a PLA, please access the request form here. 

Once we have received your documentation, the processing time is up to six weeks. Please take this timeline into consideration when planning your course registration. 

For all of our registration options, please visit this Help Center article

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