Where are course dates and schedules available on the website?

Course schedules are posted on our website as soon as they are finalized, which is usually about a month before a semester begins.

To find a course schedule:

  • Click through to our interactive course search tool.  
  • Enter the course name or the course number into the search tool.
  • Once you’ve hit enter a list will appear. You can narrow down your options by selecting filters on the left side of the page such as term, instruction method, or location.
  • When you're on the course page, select the drop-down arrow next to “section details” to view the schedule and dates. If they have not been confirmed, you will see a "TBA".


If the course is in-class the schedule includes the course start and end dates, the number of sessions, the day(s) of the week and the start and end time of each class. If the course online, only the start and end date will be shown. This information will also appear on your receipt that is emailed to you upon registration, and your orientation email that is emailed two business days before the start of your course.

When a course’s schedule appears as “TBA,” or “To Be Announced,” the Program Office has not yet confirmed these details. Once this information has been confirmed we will post this information on our website, and if you are registered in the course, you will automatically be notified by email when the schedule is updated. 

For all of our registration options, please visit this Help Center article

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