Why is my course not appearing in my Quercus profile?

If your course is not appearing on your Dashboard in Quercus, it could be that you are logging in using credentials from a previous course. Please be sure that you are logging in using the credentials contained in the most recent email “Your Course Access Information to Quercus” that includes your current course code and information.

If you are unable to log in with the new credentials, the most probable cause is that your login credentials for the previous term are saved in your browser. In order to correct this situation, you will need to clear the cache in your browser. This process clears all locally stored data from the browser (e.g., passwords saved on your browser, most-visited sites, etc.) and your browsing history. Your bookmarks will not be affected. You can follow these procedures to clear the cache in Chrome and Firefox. 30 days following the end date of your course, the course will be removed from the main Dashboard and can be found in "Past Enrolments". 

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