What is the SCS grade scale?

Courses in which students are assessed and awarded a final grade may use a letter, percentage or honours/pass/fail grading scheme. During the first class your instructor will provide you with a course outline detailing the grade scheme and grade weighting.


Generally, a passing grade of 50%, or D, or Pass is necessary to obtain a credit towards any certificate offered by the School of Continuing Studies.  However, some programs do require a higher pass threshold.  Check the official course outline provided by your instructor at course commencement for this information.


The following grade scales are used by the School of Continuing Studies:

Letter Grade Percentages Grade Definitions
A 80% – 100% Excellent
B 70% – 79% Good
C 60% – 69% Adequate
D 50% – 59% Marginal
F 49% or lower (49% or course maximum fail threshold, whichever is higher) Inadequate
P 50% – 89% (50% or course minimum pass threshold, whichever is higher) Pass
H 90% or higher Honours
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