Does CES offer expedited service?

Expedited services are provided to a limited number of customers, are capped at ten per month, and are offered on a first come first serve basis. 

 In order to be eligible for the expedited service, applicants must have submitted their online application, and all supporting documents, including the official academic record.

Requests for our expedited service must be made through email to In your request, please include "Expedited Service Request" in the subject line.

The processing time for our expedited service is five business days, and incurs a fee of $499 in addition to our regular processing fees.

Please note that the expedited service is offered at the discretion of CES management and not every request can be approved. A maximum of ten requests will be granted per calendar month to keep the regular processing time as reasonable as possible. Only email requests sent in that month will be considered for the expedited service. For more information on our expedited service, please call our office at 416-978-2400.

If your request is accepted, additional instructions will be provided on how to make payment.

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