COVID-19 Updates and FAQs

Updated:  June 18, 2021

Is the University of Toronto School of Continuing (SCS) open?
Effective March 18, 2020, all University of Toronto administrative buildings are closed to the public on all three UofT campuses. The academic administration that enables the support and services of SCS are continuing as our teams work from their homes..

If you are currently enrolled in an SCS course, we encourage you watch your email and our website for updates.


Q: When will the school tell us that the doors will open?
Whether to open the doors or not is not a decision made within SCS – this is determined by the President’s and Provost’s Offices at the University of Toronto.

You may have heard on-campus activities are restarting at U of T this Fall; most in-class activity is limited to degree programming. There continue to be many unknowns for face-to-face learning, and we have decided to remain patient, having an optimistic plan to return to in-class instruction for Winter 2022.

Q: When can we take courses in class?

Until the public health officials, and the federal and provincial governments’ mandates around physical distancing change, SCS will not be providing in-class learning options. We can confirm that ALL of our offerings in the spring/summer term (which runs from May through to the end of August) will be offered via online and remote learning formats. Planning for the fall term (September 1 through December 31) has begun. At this time, it is unknown if in-person courses will be available.


We remain committed to ensuring our offerings will continue to meet our high standards of academic quality and learner experience.


There *may* be a small offering in in-class learning opportunities in the Fall, more details will be available and will be updated here in mid-July.

Q: How will COVID-19 impact my online course?

 Enrolment for currently running and upcoming courses are continuing per the usual with no interruption of course delivery. SCS’s leadership team is working to determine options for exam solutions and scheduling. We can confirm that no exams will be in person.  


Q: I live well outside the city and the increase in online offerings has allowed me to enroll in courses that weren’t previously available. When the time comes to resume to face-to-face learning, will you continue to offer the same suite of online courses currently available so I can complete a certificate?

In order to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19 to in-person teaching, SCS has made a big investment to move courses online and support our instructors in teaching remotely. It is our goal to continue offering most of the courses that have moved online since April 2020 in online formats, even once we are able to resume in-class teaching.



Q: I am currently enrolled in a course with an exam. What will happen?

We can confirm that no exams will be in person for Spring/Summer courses but instead will be conducted fully online. Exam planning and scheduling is in progress and details will be posted to your Quercus site or communicated by email. We encourage you to check your email regularly and to make sure you have a valid email address on file within your UofT SCS Destiny and Quercus profiles.



Q: Is there any chance that a course that starts online during the Fall term (which runs from September through to the end of December) will move to an in-class setting if the COVID-19 situation changes and physical distancing measures are eased part way through the Fall term?

The short answer to this question is no. The University of Toronto has made the decision that courses will finish in the format they began, and SCS will be following this standard.



Q: Does SCS have any financial assistance available as a result of the impact of COVID-19?

SCS has some awards and bursaries, and more details are available from our Awards and Bursaries page.  The next bursary application period for the Fall term will be open from July 19th to August 6th.


There is also bursary funding through the Academic of Lifelong Learning.  Applications for this funding (for Fall courses) will also be open from July 19th to August 6th.


Q: Are there any discounts on our courses?

We are pleased to announce that a series of our artificial intelligence courses qualify for discounted tuition. For a list of our eligible courses, please view


Q: Do you have financial aid for newcomers to Canada?

We have partnered with Windmill Microlending, a non-profit serving newcomers to Canada since 2005. Windmill offers low-interest, affordable career loans of up to $15,000 to help skilled immigrants and refugees pay for the costs of education and training programs, credentials, licensing and more to reach their career goals.











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