How do I share my micro-credential on LinkedIn?

Sharing in Post or Private Message  

  1. Click on your micro-credential link to open it on a webpage. 
  2. Click on the Share option located on the bottom right corner of your micro-credential to view the various sharing options and click on LinkedIn
  3. You’ll be asked to login to your LinkedIn account. (If you experience issues, you may have to log-in beforehand.)  
  4. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see options to either Share in Post or Send as Private MessageShare in Post will share your micro-credential as a post on your LinkedIn feed and Send as Private Message will allow you to share your micro-credential to someone through a message.  


Adding Micro-Credential to Profile 

Please refer to BCdiploma’s article on how to add your micro-credential on LinkedIn for instructions. Alternatively, you can refer to this article on LinkedIn Help on how to manage your licenses and certificates on LinkedIn.  

Note: Your micro-credential will not display on your profile. Instead, the School’s logo will appear along with the name of the micro-credential, issuing organization, issuing date and link to your micro-credential.  




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