What is the School's protocol regarding the recording of online synchronous classes?

At the School of Continuing Studies, online synchronous classes are recorded to accommodate the needs of learners who wish to review and/or cannot attend the synchronous class. Instructors have received training on how to:

  • Run and record an online synchronous class using the available videoconferencing services approved by the University of Toronto.
  • Store the respective recording in a cloud storage service or tool approved by the University of Toronto.
  • Share the respective recording with registered learners via the Quercus course site, using a procedure that will ensure the recording cannot be downloaded.


Access to recordings of online synchronous classes is only available to learners enrolled in the respective course with a valid UTORid/qqId. Once these credentials have expired, learners will lose access to these recordings.

The intellectual property of the course videos and materials belong to instructors, the University, and/or other sources depending on the specific facts of each situation, and are protected by copyright. Students are not to download, copy, or share any course or student materials or videos without the explicit permission of the instructor.

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