What is the process for submitting a petition for a deadline extension or missed assessment?

Petitions for missed mid-term examinations, assignments or other course requirements must be submitted within seven calendar days of the missed examination, assignment, or course requirement. For examinations missed during the regularly scheduled examination periods, petitions must be submitted by the end of the examination period. Petition guidelines, policies and forms are available for enrolled learners in the Administration shell on the learning management system. Please note that petitioning for a make-up assessment does not guarantee that a petition will be granted. Those who are given permission to write make-up examinations, attend make-up labs, or complete missed assignments, etc., must pay an administration fee of $70 +HST per make-up. When learners receive confirmation that a makeup has been allowed, they will also receive fee payment instructions. Failure to pay this fee will result in the loss of privilege to write/attend the make-up. Scheduling for a make-up will be at the discretion of the Academic Directors and Course Coordinator(s).

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