Is the IPG program a PEBC preparation course? Does it prepare me for MCQ and OCSE exams?

The IPG program is not a PEBC preparation course and does not specifically teach for the MCQ and OSCE exams.  The IPG program is an academic bridging program that prepares internationally educated pharmacists to meet Canadian entry-to-practice requirements and develop skills to care for patients as the profession evolves.  While a variety of current and emerging topics in pharmacotherapy, pharmacy practice, and the Canadian healthcare system is covered, the goal of the program is to develop learners’ skills and knowledge of critical language, workplace, and patient care skills to succeed as licensed pharmacists in Canada. The condensed 23-week program covers a total of 30 pharmacotherapy topics, selected from the most encountered disease states by pharmacists. Learners who complete the program will have the self-directed tools and skills to stay current with pharmacotherapy topics and learn new knowledge in preparation for their licensing exams.

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