Where and how do I enter final grades?

Final grades are entered into My Access-Instructor, found by clicking the Student/Instructor login at the top right corner of the www.learn.utoronto.ca website. You login with your UTORid.

You can view video instructions for entering grades into MyAccess here, and text instructions are below:

Video: Instructor My Access - Entering Grades


To access your grading sheet, select “Course Management,” the course code hyperlink and then “Grading.”

Your grading sheet will reflect the “GRADING AND EVALUATION” breakdown on your course outline.  If these do not reflect your current course breakdown, please contact your program administrator before entering your marks.

For each registered student, you will find the following (the categories are examples):

Once you have entered all of the required fields for each student, select “Instructor Approved,” and save.

Students will not be able to view their final grade after you “Instructor Approve” their grade, as there is a grade release process administered through the Program Office.

Students are only able to view final grades through their own My Access- student account, not via Quercus.  You may post term marks in Quercus for students to track their progress, but as mentioned, final exams and final grades should only be posted in My Access.

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